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Monday, October 1, 2012

Grape Harvest

It's grape harvest time!  We were invited to go to our professor's summer home to see how the grape harvest happens and then have a feast!
Here is Mr. T helping with a cluster of grapes:
 Mr. T and the Big Mr. are harvesting some more.  We were able to bring a whole bucket of grapes home with us, so we are eating them all the time -- so sweet!:
 Rows and rows of grapes belong to the family in this vineyard:
 Making churchella (walnuts on a string, dipped into grape juice and flour):
 dipping the wal-nuts:
 dipping a few more times:
 Mr. S counting the churchella's that he helped make:
 plates...preparing for the feast:
 the kettle for hot tea and coffee in the afternoon:
 cucumbers and tomatoes:
 eggplant, chicken, olivias salad and salt:
 bread, veggies, and cheese:
It was a great together as a family and with good, new friends!

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