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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Pictures

A normal small grocery store at the bottom of most apartment buildings.  We would buy our staples here: bread, milk, eggs, pasta...:
 A view of a town about 30 minutes outside of where we live:
 Mountains and old churches everywhere.  It really is beautiful:
  A new church being built:
 A landscape on our drive back into the country after leaving for our 1-year visa trip:
 churchela for sale (churchela is a bunch of walnuts strung onto those white strings, then dipped over and over again into a grape and flour mix.  Kind of like dipping candles. This was a snack, that I believe was originally made for soldiers during times of war because it was healthy and stayed good for a long time) it is hanging everywhere in the markets:

Skiing in March

I have been meaning to post these pics of David's skiing adventure.  It was a "light" blizzard the entire day, so the view was a little hard to catch.  After taking a marshrutka several kilometers up a windy mountain, the guys were so glad to be safely at the ski resort. 
 We're hoping to get in some more regular skiing with some neighbor friends next winter.  It is very inexpensive, compared to our Colorado resorts and these gondola lifts are a nice upgrade!