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Monday, July 2, 2012

Seasonal Cooking

Before this chapter, I didn't really understand seasonal cooking.  Although I did watch which produce I bought at what time (because of the cost difference), I knew I could find some kind of berry or a pineapple most days at some American grocery store.  After a full year of living here (in an international setting), we understand this new reality.  Strawberry season just passed.  I went to the market yesterday to look for more of these delicious berries and they were gone...totally gone.  The new fruit that is available for this month is peaches.  They are practically giving them away (.50 for 2 pounds!)
Our favorite salad year-round, but especially found on every table in the summers:
This is pretty much it, lot's of cucumbers and tomatoes.  Many people chop fresh herbs like cilantro, parsley and dill to put well as a few white onions.  Sprinkle with salt and it is very tasty with pretty much anything they serve!


  1. Do you guys have any balsamic vinegar or other types? We love pairing tomatoes and cucumber with this, salt, pepper, a little olive oil and some feta if we have it!

  2. Hey Tamryn!! Yea, we do -- we are just getting feta and it is SO EXPENSIVE...but I'm going to have to get a bit this summer for a treat! I love reading updates on your family!