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Monday, June 6, 2011

Thrift Stores and Pom Poms

I found the equivalent of Goodwill here.  I think there are three within walking distance, several near the big market and others up and down different allies.  They are actually everywhere and my understanding is that it is not the most popular thing to shop in these little "closets" of a store.  Literally, the space is maybe 10x15 sq. ft. -  the WHOLE store.  I guess the trend of second hand goodies hasn't spread this far.  The other interesting fact that has been passed on is about the clothes.  Apparently, the clothes (and shoes, scarves, belts, linens, etc) are from the U.S where they didn't sell at a thrift store.  So, this is like a double dip of thrift.   Exciting or scary?  It will definitely make a "find" much more of a celebration!

So, I have found a great new craft idea...
it's for pom pom's made out of t-shirts.  
I went right out and found a x-large red t-shirt in perfect condition and whipped one of these up.
It was fun, easy, and will be used as decoration for holidays and the upcoming 3rd b-day for Mr. S!!

Here's the link.

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