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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Camp, part 1

This past week, we went to camp.  This camp was a great cumulative experience at the end of one year of language learning.  We didn't understand everything, but it was great practice and we are ready to plunge back into classes this month.  This will be a part 1 (of 2), showing some shots of the people we enjoyed.

The next set of pictures will show some of the places we experienced!

Camp, part 2 pictures (places)

Here are some of the place at camp that we enjoyed.
This was the room where we had services:
 The bus that everyone else came to camp on.  We didn't know that this was the plan, so we had our cars packed and followed the bus.  Next year, we will know better:
 This is where we stayed.  Our room was on the bottom, second from the left:
 The dining hall:
 We loved seeing the beginnings of the vine -- their precious grapevines beginning mid-season:

Marinated Eggplant Salad

I know that even titling an entire post with this name could turn hundred's, if not thousands, away...but, it is worth it.  We love the marinated eggplant salad that is served here -- in every restaurant, and in every home!  This is the first time I've been able to find a recipe, in English, with our measurements on different ingredients and it is pretty close to the taste we find here.  Eggplant is about $1.00/kilo (2.2 pounds) right now, so it's time to stock up and enjoy the flavor!
Lots of eggplant:

herbs (we substitute those in the recipe for cilantro and it is AMAZING!):

and you can add anything in:
feta cheese

The complete recipe is found here, at Turntable Kitchen!  Enjoy!!