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Saturday, May 7, 2011

First Cookies

Our oven doesn't have a temperature setting.  I am learning to go by an oven thermometer (so glad we picked one up right before we left)!!  Sometimes things get a little carried away and we lose touch of how fast the temp can rise and fall.  The first few days we didn't have a ton of food/ingredients in the place, so I used one of two cookie packs...we were desperate.  
 They started okay, but ended a little crisp!
We ate every last one.  For dinner.
I've burned just about everything on the bottom, so I think we'll try to raise the rack a bit.

Yesterday we learned a very important lesson about paying our bills.  We figured we had a month, or so. A week ago we got the bill for electric, water, trash and knew we needed to pay it.   The system works well here as you go to a kiosk and pay all the bills at one place.  I was going to meet a friend for coffee and learn how to do it exactly.  We waited a day too long.  Electricity was shut off from Thur-Fri (until we got it paid).  No hot water!  No heat!!  No Internet! I know this is normal for so many people, but it seemed crazy that we were being penalized for paying only a week after we got the bill.  Plus, I felt like a rebel for not paying on time and I don't always like that feeling...only sometimes!  Live and learn.  It took us all day, but we got it all paid!


  1. Oh man- I understand no electricity or water! So sorry. Glad it's back though- that's wonderful! Our oven doesn't have a thermometer either... I've learned to cook here just by watching stuff... :) I predict you'll be the new Martha Stewart of the Green Mountains in no time!

  2. Oh no!!! How frustrating....had the same thing happen :o( we never had a temperature on our oven & i never even thought about it until i just read your post...hahah how pathetic, i guess we could've used a thermometer as well! Hope you guys are doing well...praying for you! -Lizz