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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Party Inspiration

We have a Birthday coming!!  Clifford will be the main character.  Most everything will be handmade out of an old cardboard box we found out by the trash...wait until you see pics.  It's really getting out of control.  I think I have most everything planned, but I decided to double check for last minute ideas.
I'm working on a different type of personalized Clifford pillow case, but this may look more professional:
The one request for a cake was that it would be red.  I love this placemat to add a little flare to the red-only cake that "I hope we don't ruin since it seems so easy!":
And, the favors.  We're a little limited here, but I was thinking something like this:
or, this for the adults (only in Clifford theme, of course):
Happy 3rd Birthday, Mr. S!

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