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Friday, June 17, 2011

3 DIY Jersey Scarves

A scarf?  In the summer?  Really?
Dedicated to all countries that wear SCARVES in the heat of the summer.
(I could only bring myself to post about jersey fabric...everything else looked WAY too hot.  We'll re-visit this in the winter).

Number 1: How to make a circle scarf
- very EASY
- no sewing machine needed
- see blog for more details (and pic)

Number 2: How to make a straight scarf (or two, or three...)                     
- sewing optional                            

Number 3: Gathered Scarf
- some hand-sewing needed
-GREAT gift idea!

Sew...I mean, time you need a quick and VERY easy gift idea, click on one of these links -- directions are ready for you!  TGIF!

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