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Monday, June 6, 2011

Mr. Mischief

If you knew you were missing a green marker and you were looking for it...would you be shocked to open the toilet and see this?  
If you saw a lid of a marker, with no marker, would you be concerned?  If you had a 1 and a 2 year old with a missing marker...would you be concerned?  If the couch had green stripes drawn all over it, would you suspect one of the kids?  The nanny?
 We found the culprit.  All the pieces did come together...
It was simple, really.  I was cooking dinner.  The Big Mr. was Skyping with grandparents.  I had Mr. S with me and Mr. T was running between all of us.  Somewhere in the "running between all of us" he had time to reach his chubby, little hand up to the table and grab a green marker.  He got the lid off (a new trick) and headed to the couch.  After seeing his masterpiece, he must of gotten a little nervous that mom or dad might see his masterpiece and he RAN. I could hear this part, but it's a common sound around the house.  Next, we heard a door close.  Also common, but not always good.  So, I started to prowl.  I went into the living room and saw the couch.  Minor freak out, but it washed off okay.  Next...
 ...found the lid on the floor.  So, I knew I was hot on the trail. At this point, Mr. T was joining me in the hunt, but not letting on.  I decided to check out the bathroom, wondering if he had drawn all over the tub or the walls (please, not the walls).  Nope.  But, where was the marker?  Under the couch?  In another room? Where?...Wait...the toilet?  No...surely not that.  Wait.  (lid opening)...There it is! green water!  (did I fool you with the first picture?!)
 (clean couch -- SO GLAD!)
And, one other piece of evidence:
We all had a great day...and a good laugh.  Thankful for little boys!

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