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Saturday, July 2, 2011

In Progress...

Life progress!

1.  Language this week was tough.  Wednesday was my pit.  Friday was our second test.  Nothing would go into my mind on Wednesday, it was too full!  On Friday, when our teacher handed us the four-page test, I nearly...umm...anyway...!   The week was balanced out with our language teacher (who speaks English fluently) having two mix-ups.  Imagine saying the following words with the "ch" as the "ch" in "children"... chaos and chemistry. Ah ha ha ha !!  That lightened the mood a little.

2.  Mr. S has a 3rd b-day at the end of the month.  I need to make a cake by scratch.  He wants a red cake.  The theme is "cake"...that's it.  What a blessing!  But, how on earth do you make a cake by scratch?!  I need to find some pans.  Anyway, I found a huge piece of cardboard down by the trash and I'm going to draw a huge Clifford on it saying, "Happy Birthday!"  So, along with the pans, I'm on the hunt for a huge black marker!

3.  I am working on the apt.  It needs some "personal touches"!  I have a cove area that I'm organizing. has provided a ton of inspiration and that's been fun.  Our poor table...we can't keep a tablecloth clean for a single meal!  So, sometimes it goes without anything.  I'm learning about the fabric here, but it's not exactly like the Hobby Lobby selection.  I can't believe how much I love looking at fabric.  My goal this week is to finish a table runner and bring it to the lady that sold me the fabric.  I bought 1 meter and she kept repeating my order as if I was crazy to not buy more.  So, I'm going to bring her the project and show her why I only needed one meter (and one more person to practice language on!)

This is probably enough for now!  I need to get going on some of these projects while Mr. T naps!

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