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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Missing This...

Have fun without me, America!
I've actually never bought a pair of these.
I saw this sale and thought that it would be rude if I didn't pass on the info.

In other news, I found walnuts for a mere $20/kilo.  I bought 100 grams.  This was the perfect amount for my recipe, but it has been really "stretching" for me to start thinking about buying things in terms of kilo/gram vs. pounds.  PLUS, some things are bought per item (bananas) and some items are bought via weight...and SOME depend on where you buy them.  For example, I bought spinach a few days ago from a man and he sold it to me for less that .50 for the cluster.  Today, I bought some and the lady weighed it first, selling it to me for $1.50 (it was a larger amount, so it was fair).  It's just interesting.  As we learned, "Not wrong, just different."  Someday, all these different things will be normal...and I'll think you're the weird ones :)

So, anyway...back to making batch #2 of granola!!

Great weather the last few days!  We've had some good afternoons of bringing the boys out to play with their balls and getting some fresh air after studying.  In making plans for this weekend, we are trying to go to one new part of town each Saturday (as a family).  This Saturday...the ZOO!  I will definitely take the camera.  Stay posted...!

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