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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

2 Really Helpful Blogs

There are 2 blogs that have been really interesting/helpful.   The fact that we live in another country,  need some good cheap meals, and enjoy creative thinking.

The first blog is about cooking on a dime.  I've only tried a few of these recipes, but these ideas have spurred on dinner once or twice.  She seems to be right-on and I can get a lot of the ingredients here, which, really helps!
So, here's Budget Bytes!

The second one is about a woman who lived overseas and brought only 16 yards of fabric. She sounds like an extreme crafter (which I almost am!) and her story was really interesting.  I've just read a handful of the most recent posts, but I love the idea behind her 16 yards.  I brought less than one and have been thinking of a solution.
So, here's Sewing in No Man's Land!
She has some really cute patterns that are totally free, especially cute for kids!

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