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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ode to Figs

This is part 1, in a (at least 2) multi-part series.
We are having the opportunity to eat several foods that are...well, a little foreign.  This one isn't super crazy, it's just that I've never seen fresh figs at the store to eat.  Our little veg/fruit stand couple were so excited when we asked what this new fruit was.  Of course, their answer was something we didn't understand, but they threw 2 in our bag to try for free.  We had someone show us how to eat them.  SO GOOD!!!
Apparently, these guys are more popular than I thought:
love this!
I need to remember to smell them next time we are at the stand.   This looks amazing!
We were given green ones, the purple figs are coming later this season.
This is it!  And this shop actually made jam...mmm!
AND (not pictured), my favorite, Fig Newtons!!
Next week's fruit: Boysenberry!

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